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Recovery Resources for Businesses

Nebraska Business Development Center 

Free Counseling Assistance to Nebraska Business Owners Impacted by 2019 Flooding

Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is available to assist Nebraska business owners who have been impacted by the 2019 flooding with free counseling assistance. NBDC has put together several resources that are available to business owners:

Here is a link to those services which include a Disaster Recovery Checklist and a Disaster Recover Planning Guide.

NBDC staff are able to assist business owners with SBA disaster forms and those services are free.  NBDC assistance can be requested by going to “NEW CLIENT SIGN UP” and select your nearest NBDC center.  The links under NEW CLIENT SIGN UP has valuable  information.  Businesses requesting assistance from federal agencies must register with FEMA – “FEMA Disaster Application”. 

NBDC services include:

  • Disaster Recovery Checklist

  • Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

  • Financial Record Recovery

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Loan Application Assistance with Federal Relief Funds




For more information, please visit: NBDC Disaster Recovery Business Assistance. You may also contact our administrative office 402-554-2521 or

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Office of Disaster Assistance's mission is to provide low interest disaster loans to businesses of all sizes, private non-profit organizations, homeowners, and renters to repair or replace real estate, personal property, machinery & equipment, inventory and business assets that have been damaged or destroyed in a declared disaster.

SBA Fact Sheet for Businesses of All Sizes

If your business or private, nonprofit organization has suffered physical damage or your small business or private, nonprofit organization of any size has sustained economic injury after a disaster, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration. If your business—regardless of size—is located in the declared disaster area, you may apply for a long-term, low-interest loan to repair or replace damaged property.

Even if your property was not damaged and you are a small business owner or a private, nonprofit organization, you may apply for a working capital loan from the SBA to relieve the economic injury caused by the disaster.

Business Physical Disaster Loans
Businesses of all sizes and private, nonprofit organizations may apply for a Physical Disaster Loan of up to $2 million to repair or replace damaged real estate, equipment, inventory and fixtures. The loan may be increased by as much as 20 percent of the total amount of physical loss, as verified by SBA, to protect the property against future disasters of the same type. These loans will cover uninsured or under-insured losses.


Economic Injury Disaster Loans
Small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small businesses engaged in aquaculture, and most private, nonprofit organizations of all sizes suffering substantial economic injury may be eligible for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan of up to $2 million to meet necessary financial obligations – expenses the business would have paid if the disaster had not occurred.

Interest Rates - The interest rate on both these loans will not exceed 4 percent if you do not have credit available elsewhere. Repayment can be up to 30 years, depending on the business’s ability to repay the loan. For businesses and nonprofit organizations with credit available elsewhere, the interest rate will not exceed 8 percent. SBA determines whether the applicant has credit available elsewhere.

Application Information - Businesses may apply directly to the SBA for possible assistance. The SBA will send an inspector to estimate the cost of your damage once you have completed and returned your loan application.

SBA now offers you the option of filing your business disaster loan application electronically.

Midwest Bank

Emergency Flood Relief Program

What you need to know:

  •  We are offering a streamlined process to provide express funding to those impacted by the recent flooding.

  • This is a personal, unsecured loan that follows our normal credit approval process.

  • You will receive same day or next day funding to swiftly meet your needs.

  • You can borrow up to $5,000 at 5.0% for 5 years*


Anyone impacted by the recent flooding in Eastern Nebraska can apply.

**Emergency Flood Relief Program: 5.0% Annual Percentage Rate and 5.0% Interest Rate.  For a $5,000 loan for 60 months (5 years) the monthly payment is $94.38.  Loans subject to credit approval.


The United States Business Chamber

The U.S. Chamber announced help and resources for organizations impacted by flooding in the Midwest.

The Chamber Foundation is monitoring the flooding affecting parts of the Midwest. If you have damages and are looking for help, The U.S. Chamber Foundation has several resources available.

Call the U.S. Chamber’s Disaster Help Desk for Business at 1-888-692-4943.  We encourage you to connect directly with Ines Pearce who leads the support for the Help Desk. 

RESOURCES:  Disaster Help Desk for Business—Businesses and chambers can call 1-888-My-Biz-Help (888-692-4943) for direct support from disaster recovery experts.

United States Department of Agriculture

Business & Industry Loan Guarantees

This program bolsters the availability of private credit by guaranteeing loans for rural businesses. The purpose of the funding is to improve, develop, or finance business, industry and employment and improve the economic and environmental climate in rural communities. 

Fact Sheet

Nebraska Strong

The State of Nebraska is working with public/private partnerships, volunteer organizations, faith-based organizations and non-government organizations to identify unmet needs with available resources during this current flooding disaster.

Employee Assistance

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)

The purpose of Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is to provide unemployment benefits and re-employment services to individuals who have become unemployed as a result of a major disaster and who are not eligible for regular State unemployment insurance. This fact sheet outlines general information pertaining to the requirements and conditions under which an individual may be eligible for DUA.

Nebraska Resource Page​

FEMA Fact Sheet

Home and Personal Property Loans

If you are in a declared disaster area and have experienced damage to your home or personal property, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the SBA — even if you do not own a business. As a homeowner, renter and/or personal property owner, you may apply to the SBA for a loan to help you recover from a disaster.

SBA Quick Links

Apply For A Disaster Loan 
Complete your disaster loan application online.

Disaster Loan Application Paper Forms 
If you choose not to file your disaster loan application online, you have the option of mailing your paper application forms to SBA.

Types of Disaster Loans 
SBA provides low-interest, long-term loans for physical and economic damage caused by a declared disaster. Learn more about home and personal property, business and economic injury loans.


Current Disaster Declarations 
Locate disaster areas by state and territory. You must be in an SBA declared disaster area to be eligible for SBA disaster assistance.

Disaster Loan Fact Sheets 
Learn the key points about SBA's Disaster Loans.

Glossary of Business Financial Terms 

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